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World Bank announces management staff changes, including key players in the ‘evolution roadmap’ process

5 April 2023

The World Bank has announced a series of changes in its senior management at a time when the institution is going through another leadership change, after President David Malpass announced he will be stepping down by 30 June (see Observer Spring 2023).

Axel van Trotsenburg, the Bank’s managing director of operations, will be promoted to senior managing director, effective in April, replacing Mari Pangestu, WBG Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships, who announced she is retiring.

As part of his new role, van Trotsenburg will be responsible for the Bank’s development policy and partnerships, and in charge of the Bank’s research and data group. Together with Chief Financial Officer Anshula Kant, he will continue to lead the Bank’s controversial ‘evolution roadmap’ process, which proposes an increased focus by the Bank on global public goods – such as climate change and pandemic preparedness (see Observer Spring 2023). Van Trotsenburg will also oversee the Bank’s engagement with the UN, G20, G7 and other international financial institutions.

Van Trotsenburg will be replaced in his current role by Anna Bjerde, currently World Bank Group’s vice-president of Europe and Central Asia, where she led its response to the war in Ukraine (see Observer Spring 2023). In an interview for Devex, she noted that she expects to take part in the discussions on the roadmap with shareholders and assume responsibility for the implementation of changes related to the Bank’s operational model.