Laure-Alizée Le Lannou joins the Bretton Woods Project as new Environment Project Officer

13 December 2023

The Bretton Woods Project is happy to welcome Laure-Alizée Le Lannou as our new Environment Project Officer. In her role, Laure-Alizée will support BWP’s work on environmental and climate advocacy targeting the World Bank. Her responsibilities will include conducting research on the Bank’s climate and energy policies. Additionally, she will assist in the development of a campaign to reform IMF Special Drawing Rights to better serve developing countries’ climate and development financing needs.

Before joining, Laure-Alizée worked with the ZOE Institute-for Future fit Economies, where she conducted research on socio-ecological transformation within the European Union. At ZOE, her work included green industrial policy in the EU and creating an Economic Resilience Index for guiding economies towards well-being within planetary boundaries. Laure-Alizée is passionate about new economic thinking, focusing on why our current system leads to ecological collapse and rising inequalities, and exploring ways to transform it for climate and economic justice.

She holds a Master’s in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge, where she studied the impact of the Washington Consensus on development experiences, and an undergraduate degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of St Andrews.