(CLOSED) Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) Project Lead

11 January 2024 | Recruitment


The Bretton Woods Project envisions a global economic system that operates on the primary principles of justice, equity, gender equality, human rights and environmental sustainability, with international institutions that are democratic, inclusive, transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizens, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.

We are seeking a Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) Project Lead to manage BWP’s ongoing GEM Project and lead BWP’s work on gender equality and women’s rights.

The Bretton Woods Project focuses on the World Bank and the IMF to challenge their power and open space for   civil society and social movements to contribute to the development of policies that are gender transformative, equitable, environmentally sustainable and consistent with international human rights norms. We do this because the Bank and Fund remain global opinion formers, funders and influential proponents and enforcers of economic and development policies.

We act as a watchdog by monitoring the Bretton Woods Institutions (BWIs, the World Bank and IMF), with a particular focus on the impact of Bank and Fund policies and activities on the environment, human rights and democratic governance. We build and maintain an information and evidence base and are a credible critical voice on the work of the Bank and Fund and on their role in the broader international finance landscape. We amplify the voices of marginalised communities, social movements and civil society partners and act as interlocutors amongst international financial institutions and government officials and civil society partners. BWP’s Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) Project challenges the ways in which macroeconomic policies promoted by international financial institutions, in particular the IMF and World Bank, undermine women’s rights and gender equality.

As the Bretton Woods Project is hosted by ActionAid, please apply on ActionAid’s recruitment portal.