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8 May 2014

World Bank to push ahead with Global Infrastructure Facility

The World Bank has confirmed its intention to develop a Global Infrastructure Facility, prioritising projects that have stalled due to size or complexity, while concerns continue over the Bank’s support for the Democratic Republic of Congo Inga dams.



12 November 2014

World Bank Global Infrastructure Facility launched despite “reputational risks”

The World Bank-hosted Global Infrastructure Facility has been launched despite concerns over risks, including duplication with other initiatives, such as the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.



4 October 2013

World Bank to “lead the way” on infrastructure investment

World Bank president Jim Yong Kim reiterated the Bank’s intentions to develop a global infrastructure facility, while the G20 process on infrastructure continued to focus on PPPs. The G20 accountability report noted failure to address environmental safeguards, and criticism on privatisation in the energy sector was raised by PSIRU.



29 September 2014

Risking the bottom line? World Bank infrastructure initiatives criticised

The Global Infrastructure Facility is expected to be launched as a World Bank-hosted programme in October. Concerns remain about the Bank’s continued support for fossil fuel infrastructure.



2 February 2015 | At Issue

The World Bank: In the vanguard of an infrastructure boom

This briefing analyses the "biggest investment boom in human history", examining elements of a new public-private partnership focused infrastructure investment model, including the role of the World Bank Group.



26 June 2013

World Bank says "stars are aligned" for large infrastructure

The World Bank, in conjunction with the G20, is reinvigorating its infrastructure focus, paying particular attention to leveraging resources from the private sector and investing in fragile and conflict affected states. It announced a return to big hydropower projects, despite continued concerns about projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala and Uganda.



20 June 2014

The rise of the infrastructure giants

World Bank faces increased competition over large scale infrastructure in Asia, with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the BRICS Bank.



17 June 2015 | Minutes

DFID Financing for Development and infrastructure meeting

Minutes from a meeting with UK NGOs and DFID on Financing for Development and infrastructure.


15 September 1998

Philippines meeting to assess alternatives to globalisation

IBON Foundation Inc. and BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance) are organising a conference from 8-11th November to discuss alternative strategies and paradigms to neo-liberal globalisation.



4 April 2019 | At Issue

The highest bidder takes it all: The World Bank's new scheme to privatise land in the Global South

World Bank Enabling the Business of Agriculture rankings prescribe land privatisation at the expense of family farmers, pastoralists, and Indigenous Peoples.



6 December 2018 | Guest comment

World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings marred by clampdown on People’s Global Conference

Clampdown on civil society leaves stain on this year’s Annual Meetings, as global civic space is increasingly under threat

IFI governance


5 October 2018

Annual Meetings Preamble: 10 years after crisis, World Bank and IMF fight for relevance amidst mounting global economic pressure

BWIs' approach questioned amidst lingering crisis of multilateralism.