IFI governance


Impasse at the IMF

This briefing shows that multilateral governance is at risk if long-overdue IMF quota and board reforms are not ratified.

31 March 2015 | At Issue



The World Bank: In the vanguard of an infrastructure boom

This briefing analyses the "biggest investment boom in human history", examining elements of a new public-private partnership focused infrastructure investment model, including the role of the World Bank Group.

2 February 2015 | At Issue



Multilateral Development Banks’ unburnable carbon

Bretton Woods Project briefing on MDBs' fossil fuel investments and exposure to the carbon bubble

17 September 2014 | Briefings



Conditionally yours

New analysis reveals the IMF’s increasing use of controversial conditions attached to loans.

20 June 2014 | At Issue



Corporatising agriculture

World Bank’s Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture rankings are unlikely to benefit the world’s smallholder farmers, but could instead facilitate corporate land grabs.

9 May 2014 | At Issue



BRICS Bank: New bottle, how’s the wine?

Last year BRICS' leaders agreed to launch a BRICS development bank. Whether this is considered positive depends in part what questions are being asked. Sameer Dossani of ActionAid International highlights the flaws in the World Bank and IMF, analyses whether a BRICS Bank could be different from these institutions and proposes what it should do and what it should look like.

27 February 2014 | At Issue



IMF & gender: a long way to go

This briefing analyses the recently published IMF discussion note Women, work and the economy and draws some positive conclusions from its recommendations, whilst pointing to additional measures that the IMF can take to promote gender equity.

23 January 2014 | At Issue

Private Sector


ICSID and Latin America

Latin American states are actively exploring alternative mechanisms to the ICSID state-investor dispute mechanism which they claim has investor bias.

3 December 2013 | At Issue



Foreclosing the future

Drawing on case studies, reports and evaluations, Bruce Rich paints a picture of a Bank still inflicting suffering on vulnerable populations, and calls on Bank president Jim Yong Kim to show real leadership so that the Bank can learn from experience rather than flee from it.

3 October 2013 | At Issue

Social services


The Doing Business review: a test of World Bank leadership

By this year's October annual meetings, we will know what the World Bank board has decided on what happens next to that institution's controversial and most popular publication, the Doing Business report.

24 June 2013 | At Issue

IFI governance


Memorandum to the International Development Committee

In written evidence submitted to the UK parliament's International Development Committee, we argue that further reform of the World Bank is needed.

26 June 2013 | Briefings



Climate Investment Funds Monitor 7

The Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) are financing instruments designed to pilot low-carbon and climate-resilient development through the multilateral development banks (MDBs). They are comprised of two trust funds - the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF).

25 April 2013 | Briefings