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Guest analysis



Critical reflections on World Bank’s draft Fragility, Conflict and Violence Strategy

World Bank’s new draft FCV strategy fails to detail how Bank will address negative impacts of its orthodox policies on drivers of conflict.

3 October 2019 | Guest analysis
Flags of member nations flying at United Nations Headquarters



IMF framework on social spending out of step with international standards

Fund publishes social spending strategy, civil society deems outcome too little too late.

30 July 2019 | Guest analysis



Bretton Woods Institutions’ instrumental gender approach ignores structural elephant in the room

IMF and World Bank continue to undermine gender equality through bulk of macroeconomic policy advice.

6 December 2018 | Guest analysis

IFI governance


Great Expectations a year on: IMF moving the needle on inequality but not yet the gear

One year after Oxfam study, IMF making progress on inequality agenda but still needs a fundamental shift

28 September 2018 | Guest analysis
Christine Lagarde



The IMF's approach to social protection and the crisis of multilateralism

UN Special Rapporteur publishes report on IMF and social protection, calls on Fund to practice what it preaches.

24 July 2018 | Guest analysis
The City at the Crossroads of History mural.



Pro-business agenda drives World Bank’s report on the future of work

As the World Bank publishes a report calling for labour market deregulation, global trade unions fight back.

23 July 2018 | Guest analysis



The impacts of IMF-backed austerity on women’s rights in Brazil

The IMF and World Bank-endorsed 20 year spending freeze in Brazil disproportionately impacts women and other marginalised groups, despite less harmful alternatives being available

29 March 2018 | Guest analysis
Sunflowers. Photo: Boris Rumenov Balabanov / World Bank



The wrongdoings of the Doing Business Rankings and the corporate take-over of agriculture

Civil society urges the World Bank to scrap DBR and EBA, claiming the latter harms small-scale farmers by putting corporate interests first.

14 March 2018 | Guest analysis