Bankspeak of the Year 2003 award

The most incomprehensible use of words in a Bank document or speech. The fog of development.

26 January 2004 | Humour



Governance & Police impunity in Andhra Pradesh

Statement by two Indian human rights group urging the World Bank not to approve a major loan to the state of Andra Pradesh on 16 December. The statement outlines many problems with human rights and governance in the state and argues that a loan at this time of crisis and instability would embolden the government to continue with its repressive policies, while civil society groups would not be in a position to criticise improper utilization of the loans.

14 December 2003 | Statement

Private Sector


Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline

Around the world, when politics and money prevail, the environment is the last issue considered.…

17 November 2003 | Guest comment



The myths and dangers of PRSPs

The myths of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers - that they are nationally owned, pro-poor, and poverty-reducing - should be debunked.

8 September 2003 | Guest comment



Chad-Cameroon: oil and poverty reduction don’t mix

Despite World Bank involvement, the Chad Cameroon petroleum project has confirmed that under authoritarian regimes there is a fundamental incompatibility between poverty alleviation objectives and oil exploitation activities.

28 May 2003 | Guest comment

Social services


The Fund or the people?

Mulima Kufekisa Akapelwa, Economic Justice Programme Coordinator for the Catholic Centre for Justice, Development and Peace, says that IMF-forced privatisation leads Zambians to ask who their government answers to.

28 January 2003 | Guest comment



Bankspeak of the Year 2002 award

Terminology would be simplified accordingly by discontinuing the use of special names and acronyms for sectoral adjustment loans (SECALs), structural adjustment loans (SALs), rehabilitation loans (RILs), and programmatic structural adjustment loans/credits (PSALs/PSACs).

28 January 2003 | Humour



Fund threatens Brazilian democracy


26 November 2002 | Guest comment

IFI governance


Topic: UK policy and advocacy

This page contains a guide to key documents which outline UK policy in the World Bank and IMF.

20 November 2002 | Call for action


Topic: UK policy and advocacy in the World Bank and IMF

Who’s who: UK decision-makers in the World Bank and IMF

18 November 2002 | Call for action

IFI governance


Bank/Fund Spring meetings schedule

The World Bank/IMF Spring meetings are taking place in Washington DC on 20-21 April.

25 March 2002 | Call for action