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Protest at COP27, celebrated in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in November 2022. Credit: Oliver Kornblihtt / Mídia NINJA

The Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) project is coordinated by the Bretton Woods Project and currently carried out in partnership with the Gender and Development Network and International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific, as well as previously the Latin American Network for Economic and Social Justice. It aims at challenging the ways in which macroeconomic policies currently promoted by international financial institutions (IFIs) undermine gender equality and women’s rights. To change this, the project, initiated in 2015, examines the implications of current macroeconomic policy approaches in relation to gender, engages in direct advocacy and works to support a wide range of civil society groups and organisations towards building an enabling macroeconomic environment for women’s rights and gender equality.

Advocacy briefings (BWP)

Learning lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic: The World Bank’s macroeconomic policies and women’s rights
September 2021
This briefing argues that the Bank’s current framework for analysing the impacts of its macroeconomic policy advice on gender equality are insufficient.
The World Bank and Gender Equality: Development Policy Financing
August 2019
This briefing analyses the World Bank’s Development Policy Financing from a critical gender perspective.
(Available in English & Spanish)
The IMF and Gender Equality: Operationalising Change
February 2019
This briefing raises critical questions on the latest developments in the IMF’s approach to gender.
(Available in English & Spanish)
The IMF and Gender Equality: A Compendium of Feminist Macroeconomic Critiques
October 2017
This edited volume focuses on the gendered impacts of some of the most commonly-prescribed macroeconomic policies of the IMF, covering tax, expenditure and labour policies.
(Available in English & Spanish)
The IMF and Gender Equality; A Critical Analysis
June 2016
This briefing questions the sustainability of the Fund’s new approach to gender equality and reveals that the Fund’s analysis so far is limited and inconsistent with the full achievement of women’s economic empowerment.

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