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CSOs urge IFC to divest from for-profit school chain

CSOs urge investors to divest from private school provider Bridge International Academies; IFC remains investor, despite WDR’s concerns with private education.

27 March 2018



The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

While there is scope to improve IMF operations in all fragile states, ahead of the forthcoming publication of the IMF IEO review of IMF work in fragile states, there is one fundamental change it must make to transform its effectiveness in fragile states: wherever it is possible, it must be present. No country should be left out.

20 March 2018 | At Issue



Civil society still waiting for ‘IMF Spring’ to blossom

Civil society was out in full force during annual meetings challenging the IMF’s claims that it is reducing economic and gender inequality.

7 December 2017



Chinese growth’s contribution to poverty reduction challenges World Bank and IMF neoliberal policies

CEPR report found that two-thirds of extreme poverty during past 25 years took place in China, which did not follow World Bank and IMF neoliberal policies.

6 December 2017



IMF and Bank “intensifying” tax work: Possible progress or consolidating control?

The World Bank and IMF are intensifying their work on tax under the Platform for Collaboration on Tax, yet civil society is cautious about embracing tax policy advice coming from the Bretton Woods Institutions.

6 December 2017