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Annual Meetings wrap-up: Kim turns to bankrupt ideas, while IMF tries to undo inequality it doesn't admit it helped cause

BWP's analysis of this year's IMF and World Bank annual meetings; hopeful growth forecasts tampered by medium-term concerns, with US anti-multilateralism finally hitting Bank and Fund.

18 October 2017

IFI governance


Great expectations: Is the IMF turning words into action on inequality?

Notes from the 2017 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings session on the IMF's approach to inequality, 13 October.

13 October 2017 | Minutes



Landmark community dialogue in Nepal: Is the World Bank learning?

Following longstanding conflict over a World Bank-funded power line project in Nepal, dating back to 2009, communities express hope that a World Bank-supported dialogue initiative will result in a fair dispute resolution process and meaningful consultation.

22 May 2017



Egypt’s new IMF deal comes with a huge price tag for human rights

After 4 years of on-off negotiation and public opposition, the government of Egypt has signed a loan deal with the IMF whose impacts civil society fears will encroach upon human rights, social protection and social provision, like health and education, upon which the poorest depend.

9 February 2017 | At Issue

IFI governance


UK civil society meeting with DFID: Annual meetings and IDA

Notes of a UK CSO meeting with DFID on the annual meetings and the IDA process 23 September 2016.

10 November 2016 | Minutes