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The Bretton Woods Institutions and the second crisis of multilateralism

At 75, the World Bank and IMF face a crisis of multilateralism in no small part of their own making as failed economic policies have resulted in skepticism of the international order they helped to create.

30 July 2019 | At Issue

IFI governance


Development Committee communiqué analysis – Autumn 2018

Analysis of the Development Committee communiqué released on 13 October at the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings in Nusa Dua, Bali.

16 October 2018

IFI governance


Inspection Panel and Compliance Ombudsman Advisor reviews: Will World Bank fill the half-empty glass?

Civil society press for review of Inspection Panel and Compliance Advisor Ombudsman to result in reserve funds, community-led monitoring systems and greater power for accountability mechanisms.

6 December 2018



Civil society calls on IFC and other MDBs to stop financing damaging Balkan dams

A June petition signed by more than 120,000 people called on IFIs, “to immediately stop funding for projects that are located in protected areas.”

27 September 2018
Earth Environment Warming Global Pollution Nature

IFI governance


IEG findings cast doubt on Bank's ability to deliver on general capital increase

New IEG report raises questions about the Bank’s ability to use findings from evaluations to inform its operations.

22 July 2018

IFI governance


Spring Meetings 2018 Preamble: Despite favourable growth trends, World Bank and IMF's attempts to tackle debt and inequality remain elusive

On the ten-year anniversary of the financial crisis, the World Bank and IMF have much to ponder ahead of the upcoming 2018 Spring Meetings.

11 April 2018



CAO accepts complaint related to MIGA guarantee for TANAP

Complaint is latest in a series of environmental & social concerns raised about Southern Gas Corridor

4 April 2018

Private Sector


CSOs call on World Bank to halt its aggressive support of PPPs

152 CSOs call demand World Bank halt its aggressive support of PPPs, publicaly recognise their significant risks.

6 December 2017



As World Bank signals end of extraction finance, CSOs call for end to its other fossil fuel funding

Despite World Bank's One Planet Summit announcement that it will stop funding oil and gas extraction after 2019, it still has much to do to fully decarbonise its lending portfolio.

30 March 2018



Recommended resources on the World Bank and IMF: 2017

The Bretton Woods Project's selection of the best books, reports and other resources on the World Bank and IMF from 2017.

26 January 2018 | Resource

IFI governance


Development Committee communiqué analysis: Embracing the cascade in response to turbulent times

BWP analysis of the Development Committee Communiqué issued on 14 October, as part of this year's World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings.

18 October 2017



Pre-meetings background - winds of change: Will Bank & Fund's 'new' approaches help 'the poorest'?

Bretton Woods Dispatch of the 2017 annual meetings in Washington DC pre-meeting analysis of the key issues for the week.

6 October 2017