Compliance mechanisms



Where’s the remedy? Development banks must do more to remedy harm caused by the activities they finance

A report assessing the effectiveness of 11 development bank’s accountability systems found that they are not effective at consistently providing remedy to those harmed.

10 February 2016 | Guest analysis



World Bank fails to support project critics

Concerns have been raised about the safety of critics of World Bank projects and the adequacy of the Inspection Panel, as a new Bank grievance mechanism has been launched.

6 July 2015



World Bank Uganda road project cancelled

The World Bank has suspended a loan to Uganda in response to multiple failures.

8 February 2016

IFI governance


Guide to the IMF's Independent Evaluation Office

Understanding the Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF, including how it works and how civil society can input into its evaluations.

2 February 2015 | Inside the institutions



Moving beyond aspirations? IFC still unable to determine the impact of its financial intermediaries investments

A new monitoring report by the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman concludes that the IFC still lacks a mechanism to determine whether its financial intermediaries investments do no harm or have a positive development impact

12 November 2014



World Bank funded mines threatening livelihoods

Civil society groups criticise IFC investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars in mining projects in Guinea, Mongolia and Armenia for potential negative social and environment impact.

20 June 2014

IFI governance


Watchdog warns World Bank private-sector lending reforms show progress, but still fall short

Joint statement by Bretton Woods Project, Eurodad and Oxfam International highlights a new report from the World Bank's watchdog, criticising the IFC's lending

4 November 2014



Tata Mundra: making a mockery of accountability

IFC criticised over Tata Mundra coal power plant in India, for ignoring recommendations from its accountability mechanism.

20 June 2014 | Guest comment

Private Sector


Civil society letter re: the IFC and lessons learned

A letter from civil society in response to the IFC's lesson learned briefing

13 June 2014 | Letters



CSOs - Inspection Panel meeting and discussion

Q: How do you train the board? Organise orientation of new Board members, are often…

10 April 2014 | Minutes