Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR)

The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience has invited new countries apply for participation and is also expanding the private sector set-aside to non-PPCR countries. Biodiversity and gender impacts were questioned on a Grenada project and the gender focus on a Haiti project.

6 May 2015



Will the World Bank get truly climate smart?

World Bank is criticised for focusing on climate-smart agriculture, including industrial approaches, instead of more sustainable agroecological approaches.

31 March 2015 | Guest analysis



World Bank targeted over role in land grabs

As activists staged global protests highlighting the potential damage from new World Bank agriculture rankings, Cambodian groups expressed concerns over reports that the Bank is considering resuming loans to Cambodia.

12 November 2014



Corporatising agriculture

World Bank’s Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture rankings are unlikely to benefit the world’s smallholder farmers, but could instead facilitate corporate land grabs.

9 May 2014 | At Issue



Call on World Bank to stop Uzbekistan loans

The World Bank has been called on to postpone two proposed loans to the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan, given the risks of forced and child labour.

29 September 2014



IFC criticised for bad smell of Ukraine loan

An IFC loan to Danish pig farming company in Ukraine has resulted in a complaint to the Compliance Advisor Ombudsdman because of the air pollution and harm to local people's health.

27 June 2014

IFI governance


CSO roundtable with World Bank Group executive directors

Sponsor: World Bank Group Panelists:  Merza Hassan (Executive Director for Kuwait, and Dean of the…

8 April 2014

Private Sector


IFC funding to financial intermediaries: unfit for purpose

An IFC investment in ANZ Royal Bank has been criticised after the bank was implicated in a “massive land grab” in Cambodia. Further cases from Guatemala and Honduras reinforce calls for IFC to rethink its investments in financial intermediaries.

31 March 2014



World Bank and agriculture: Cultivating controversy?

The World Bank’s push for ‘climate-smart agriculture’, including a new joint initiative, was criticised by CSOs. An Inspection Panel case on forced labour in Uzbekistan cotton fields was postponed for up to 12 months.

27 February 2014



IFC's bitter tea

As the CAO publishes its assessment report of its investigation into allegations of human rights violations by IFC-funded APPL, Tata Tea's parent company in Assam new evidence emerges of the IFC's failings.

27 February 2014 | Guest analysis