IFI governance


CSO roundtable with World Bank Group executive directors

Sponsor: World Bank Group Panelists:  Merza Hassan (Executive Director for Kuwait, and Dean of the…

8 April 2014

Private Sector


IFC funding to financial intermediaries: unfit for purpose

An IFC investment in ANZ Royal Bank has been criticised after the bank was implicated in a “massive land grab” in Cambodia. Further cases from Guatemala and Honduras reinforce calls for IFC to rethink its investments in financial intermediaries.

31 March 2014



World Bank and agriculture: Cultivating controversy?

The World Bank’s push for ‘climate-smart agriculture’, including a new joint initiative, was criticised by CSOs. An Inspection Panel case on forced labour in Uzbekistan cotton fields was postponed for up to 12 months.

27 February 2014



IFC's bitter tea

As the CAO publishes its assessment report of its investigation into allegations of human rights violations by IFC-funded APPL, Tata Tea's parent company in Assam new evidence emerges of the IFC's failings.

27 February 2014 | Guest analysis



IFC fails to act on human rights abuses in Honduras

IFC accountability mechanism formally links World Bank client to human rights abuses on palm oil project in Honduras, and highlights systemic problems with IFC procedures.

23 January 2014



CSO response to the CAO investigation into IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras

An international statement, signed by 70 organisations, in response to the publication in mid January of a CAO audit and the IFC response and action plan related to IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras.

16 January 2014 | Statement

Social services


Palestinian NGOs reject Red Sea-Dead Sea canal

In the wake of the April publication of the World Bank funded feasibility study of the Red Sea – Dead Sea canal, a coalition of 19 Palestinian organisations and three experts have rejected the plan and described the participation process as a “mockery”.

2 December 2013



IFC financed tea plantation investigated over human rights violations

An in-depth investigation is currently being taken out by the CAO into human rights violations on IFC financed Tata tea plantations.

29 October 2013



World Bank push for agribusiness in Africa

A World Bank report on land governance has been criticised by NGOs. Meanwhile the Bank pushed ahead with the Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture initiative despite civil society concerns.

4 October 2013



Civil society meeting with Stewart James, UK Alternate Executive Director to the World Bank

Minutes of CSO meeting with Stewart James, UK Alternate Executive Director to the World Bank, 15 July 2013

16 September 2013 | Minutes