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Aid for trade: “distraction” from a bad deal

The consensus among civil society observers was that the agreement struck at the December Hong Kong WTOtrade ministerial was a bad deal for developing countries, with IFI-backed 'aid for trade' used as a "major distraction".

23 January 2006



IFI ‘aid for trade’ carrot ahead of Hong Kong trade summit

Details of the BWIs aid for trade package were unveiled at the annual meetings, as officials turned up the pressure to reach a deal at the upcoming trade summit in Hong Kong.

21 November 2005



The G8, the World Bank and the IMF: Debt, aid and trade implications

At their 6 - 8 July summit in Gleneagles Scotland, G8 leaders tasked the World Bank and the IMF with much of the follow-up on their commitments on debt reduction, increased aid and fairer trade.

12 July 2005



IMF, Bank reviews of financial sector reform

A flurry of reviews of the BWIs work in financial sector reform kicked off in March with the Fund's board review of the joint Bank-Fund financial sector assessment programme.

13 June 2005

IFI governance


Evaluation of Bank global programmes: “poorly-defined” and excluding the poor

The World Bank’s evaluation department has released a scathing report on the Bank’s approach to global programmes, finding the approach “poorly defined” and the voices of developing countries “inadequately represented”.

2 February 2005



Draft Notes of WB-CSO dialogue on urban water and sanitation services, 18-19 Nov 2004

DRAFT action points and notes identified by participants to the WB-CSO dialogue held at WaterAid in London on 18-19 November.

1 December 2004 | Minutes



In through the back door: capacity building or concession taking?

Some of the recommendations made in the diagnostic studies of the Integrated Framework touch upon sensitive areas in development policy such as privatisation, trade liberalisation and investment and competition policy.

28 January 2004



High-level conference on "trade, growth and poverty"

Organised by the UK Department for International Development, the World Bank, IMF and UNDP, a two-day conference held in London 8-9 December gathered officials, agency representatives and academics to discuss the links between trade, growth and poverty. The objective of the conference was to provide direction on how to integrate trade into national development strategies.

14 January 2004



World Bank trade capacity building: “doing it for them”

A leaked copy of the evaluation of the Integrated Framework for trade-related capacity building for Least Developed Countries should lead observers to question the World Bank's chief role in the initiative.

17 November 2003



The myths and dangers of PRSPs

The myths of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers - that they are nationally owned, pro-poor, and poverty-reducing - should be debunked.

8 September 2003 | Guest comment