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IMF from Argentina to Greece: similar but different

The economic crisis in Argentina in 2001 and Greece today share both similarities and differences, so we should be wary of stretching the comparison.

7 February 2012 | Guest comment



Little currency for global money?

While the G20 postponed decisions on issuing new special drawing rights (SDRs), the IMF-managed international reserve asset, the IMF completed its surveillance review and a new Fund report tackled the thorny issue of global imbalances.

18 November 2011

IFI governance


UK civil society meeting with HM Treasury and UK IMF Executive Director

Notes meeting Alex Gibbs September 2011

12 October 2011 | Minutes



Meeting between the UK IMF Executive Director Alex Gibbs, HM Treasury and UK civil society organisat

Notes of the seminar of spring meetings 2011

13 April 2011 | Minutes



Industrial policy: World Bank turning the corner?

Over the past year, World Bank chief economist Justin Lin has tried to reopen debate at the Bank over whether developing country governments should adopt active industrial policies, previously taboo at the institution.

6 April 2011