A new SDR allocation: Combatting deepening fragility concerns

The links between high debt burdens, lack of climate finance, austerity and the rise in political instability and fragility, conflict and violence remain largely neglected as IMF shareholders consider calls for a new SDR allocation, as proposed by the Bridgetown Agenda.

8 December 2022



Ending “absolute immunity” for the International Finance Corporation: The legacy of Jam v. IFC

EarthRights International examines how the Jam v. IFC case has helped to shift the landscape of accountability for international financial institutions by successfully challenging their claim to “absolute” immunity in US courts, potentially opening IFC up to further legal challenges in future.

21 July 2022 | At Issue



Report implicates IFC investments in human rights abuses of Uyghur and other minorities in China

New CSO research alleges that IFC investments have contributed to forced displacement and labour, detention, and other human rights violations of Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang, China.

6 April 2022



Controversial Sardar Sarovar Project dam set to displace thousands

Dam - supported by World Bank from 1985-1993 - formally opened by Indian Prime Minister despite resettlement being incomplete.

2 October 2017



CAO released damning audit of IFC hydro project in Guatemala

CAO audit finds IFC failed to identify gaps in project’s social and environmental assessment, while communities impacted by the project face impacts on water source, livelihoods and levels of violence.

7 December 2017



Lessons from Kenya: Why the World Bank must apply the Indigenous Peoples Policy consistently

The World Bank’s support for a Kenya electricity programme is criticised for failing to comply with its Indigenous Peoples Policy, with implications for the Bank's future lending and the safeguards review.

29 June 2016 | Guest comment



World Bank-funded Kenya company targets complainants

Community representatives involved in a World Bank Inspection Panel complaint have been targeted with a court injunction by a Bank-funded company.

7 April 2017



Inspection Panel – emerging lessons on involuntary resettlement

Notes from a meeting at the IMF/World Bank 2016 spring meetings launching the first report in the Inspection Panel's new series on "emerging lessons", on involuntary resettlement.

18 April 2016 | Minutes



World Bank’s proposed standards “gravely weaken” investment safeguards

As the World Bank closed the third and final round of public consultations on its new draft social and environmental standards, further concerns have been raised about problematic and weak language.

5 April 2016



Report calls on the World Bank not to invest in Kosovo power plant

A report has cast further doubts on the viability and efficiency of the proposed lignite coal power plant in Kosovo which the World Bank is considering supporting.

8 February 2016