Fossil fuels



World Bank’s mining treasure map

The World Bank is promoting a “billion dollar map” of minerals in Africa, and continues to invest in fossil fuel extraction. Controversy is tainting Bank-funded mines in Colombia and Haiti as locals resist the extractive projects.

27 February 2014



World Bank courts controversial coal in India and Indonesia

Despite its increasingly strong rhetoric on tackling climate change the World Bank continues to fund contentious coal projects in India and Indonesia, including rejecting the findings of its accountability mechanism.

3 December 2013



Witness: The World Bank's damage to communities and the environment

Bretton Woods Project and Oxfam are pleased to invite you to a meeting with leading activists including from Cameroon, India, and Argentina who are visiting London as part of a European lobby tour. 11 March 2014 at 14:30.

27 February 2014 | Event

IFI governance


IFC funded Tata Mundra coal plant to be investigated by ADB

IFC funded 4,000 MW coal plant Tata Mundra in India is to be investigated by ADB for negative social and environmental impacts.

26 February 2014



The IFIs in 2013: year in review

The Bretton Woods Project review of the most important developments at the World Bank and IMF in 2013.

8 January 2014 | Review



Nigeria and IFC in talks on national gas pipeline

The government of Nigeria and the IFC have begun talks for the funding of a national gas pipeline network in the south of Nigeria.

2 December 2013