Macroeconomic policy



Bank mining advice boosts private profits

Two recent reports question the World Bank's involvement in the mining sector.

31 January 2007



World Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems

Guteriano Nicolau S. Neves of the La'o Hamutuk Institute in Dili argues for a critical appraisal of the World Bank's role in the reconstruction of Timor Leste.

31 January 2007 | Guest comment



Dominican Republic taxes at IMF “gun point”

A controversial tax reform programme in the Dominican Republic was forced onto the country by the IMF, in the words of finance minister Vicente Bengoa, “at gun point”.

30 January 2007

IFI governance


Research, knowledge and the art of “paradigm maintenance”

Robin Broad, professor in the School of International Service at American University, describes six mechanisms by which the World Bank's development economics vice-presidency performs a "paradigm-maintenance" role, privileging individuals whose work "resonates" with the neo-liberal free-market ideology.

20 November 2006 | At Issue



IMF strategic review: too little, too late?

The managing director's report on the medium-term strategic review released at the spring meetings was short on specific proposals for reform implementation and lacked commitments for improved democratic functioning or strengthened surveillance of large industrial countries.

19 June 2006



Evaluation of IMF finance assessments

The Independent Evaluation Office report on the Financial Sector Assessment Program describes the programme as a "distinct improvement" in the Fund's ability to conduct financial sector surveillance.

8 April 2006



IMF, Bank reviews of financial sector reform

A flurry of reviews of the BWIs work in financial sector reform kicked off in March with the Fund's board review of the joint Bank-Fund financial sector assessment programme.

13 June 2005



Official report confirms PRSP criticisms

A report produced by the Bank and Fund for their annual meetings reflects on the continuing problems with implementing the lofty goals of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers.

17 November 2003