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“Affordable hotels”: IFC’s luxury development projects

IFC investments in Burma hotels have been criticised for weak poverty reduction impact. IFC claims that investment in luxury hotels in India will provide “affordable hotels”.

29 September 2014

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Follow the money

New Bretton Woods Project report reveals World Bank Group channelling crucial development resources to banks instead of directly investing in pro-poor projects.

10 April 2014 | Reports

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IFC: Learning lessons or institutional amnesia?

In response to the IFC’s shaming over its involvement with Dinant corporation in Honduras, the institution produced a “lessons learned” document. However, it has been rejected by campaigners, who are demanding more fundamental reform.

20 June 2014

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Civil society letter re: the IFC and lessons learned

A letter from civil society in response to the IFC's lesson learned briefing

13 June 2014 | Letters

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Summary of a meeting between civil society organisations and the IFC on financial intermediary lending

IFC staff and NGO representatives discussed financial intermediaries lending in a closed door meeting on Sunday 13 April.

22 April 2014 | Minutes

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IFC funding to financial intermediaries: unfit for purpose

An IFC investment in ANZ Royal Bank has been criticised after the bank was implicated in a “massive land grab” in Cambodia. Further cases from Guatemala and Honduras reinforce calls for IFC to rethink its investments in financial intermediaries.

31 March 2014



Global Partnership for Oceans: World Bank fishing in troubled waters?

CSO concerns have been raised over the Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans initiative, due to the strong emphasis on promoting aquaculture and the push for privatisation of access to fish resources.

31 March 2014 | Guest analysis

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Shopping mall Shangri-La: IFC’s lending for luxury

IFC investments in luxury hotels and shopping malls highlight projects with weak development outcomes.

27 February 2014



Complaint filed against IFC funded Lafarge mining operation

Khasi indigenous people in Indian state of Meghalaya have filed a complaint with the CAO over illegal land infringement by French multinational Lafarge's Bangladeshi cement plant.

26 February 2014



CSO response to the CAO investigation into IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras

An international statement, signed by 70 organisations, in response to the publication in mid January of a CAO audit and the IFC response and action plan related to IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras.

16 January 2014 | Statement