Trade-finance coherence



The IFC's massive lending increase

The financial crisis has shrunk credit availability to the private sector, including in developing countries. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) plans to step into the gap, but there are questions about the likely development impact and implementation of environmental and social safeguards.

16 February 2009



IMF working group on sovereign wealth funds agrees voluntary code

In October the working group released generally accepted principles and practises (GAPP), consisting of 24 voluntary principles, endorsed by the IMFC at the annual meetings.

21 November 2008



Combating tax flight: ending evasion and reducing avoidance

Norway, Germany, IMF, WOrld Bank and experts discuss tackling tax evasion and capital flight.

11 October 2008 | Minutes



Dutch conference on the future of the Bank

A conference hosted by the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs and the World Bank July 12-13 in Amsterdam will bring together officials and researchers to discuss "the challenges faced by the Bank in delivering its long-term strategic priorities".

17 June 2008

IFI governance


Fund trade advice in the crosshairs

The Independent Evaluation Office released the draft issues paper for its planned evaluation of the IMF’s trade policy advice.

1 April 2008



More Bank 'aid for trade'

Heads of the IFIs were in Geneva in November for a WTO conference to take stock of its aid for trade taskforce.

4 December 2007



Public campaigns to reform IDA

In Europe, Asia and the United States, civil society has campaigned for reform of the World Bank through the replenishment process of the International Development Association.

4 December 2007



Fiscal space and fiscal priorities: Infrastructure, trade and poverty

This panel discussion addressed the pros and cons of fiscal space for infrastructure when infrastructure is trade-related, what they mean for current proposals by the World Bank and IMF on fiscal space, and the importance of an assessment that looks jointly at the trade and financial aspects on the grounds of poverty reduction, development and environment goals.

20 April 2007 | Minutes



Highlights of meeting with Tom Scholar and UK NGOs

Highlights of meeting between Tom Scholar and UK NGOs, April 2007

18 April 2007 | Minutes

Social services


The elusive quest for ‘fiscal space’

For the last several years the World Bank and IMF have squared off against governments, NGOs, UN agencies and even each other over the concept of ‘fiscal space’. This often nebulous and ill-defined term has caused much confusion. Nancy Alexander finds that at the heart of the matter is a difference of opinion over how and when governments should be allowed to invest in both infrastructure and basic services.

2 April 2007 | At Issue