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World Bank-backed water bill sparks anti-privatisation movement in Nigeria

Bill withdrawn after allegations of misconduct, as Nigerian civil society mobilises against water privatisation.

23 March 2021



IFC and MIGA must ‘walk the accountability walk’ on the road mapped by independent review

Implementation in full of the independent review of IFC, MIGA and CAO is essential if institutions are to meet persistent accountability and remedy gaps.

6 October 2020

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Lagos water rights summit rejects World Bank privatisation

World Bank water privatisation push in Africa criticised by civil society that are calling for a rights-based approach. 

4 April 2019



World Bank-funded Kenya company targets complainants

Community representatives involved in a World Bank Inspection Panel complaint have been targeted with a court injunction by a Bank-funded company.

7 April 2017

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US Congresswoman criticises World Bank investments in water privatisation

A US Congresswoman has called for an end to the World Bank’s investments in water privatisation until a robust evaluation has taken place.

29 June 2016

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Nigeria water privatisation questioned

Civil society in Nigeria has criticised and called for disclosure of a water privatisation scheme in Lagos involving the World Bank.

2 February 2015

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Lagos public water advocates call for democracy, not World Bank-supported “enlightenment”

Shayda Naficy argues that water infrastructure and distribution should be financed and managed by public entities rather than through privatisation.

25 September 2015 | Guest analysis

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Public water: the antidote to failed World Bank water policy in Lagos

The World Bank's push for water privatisation in Nigeria is harming people's access to safe, affordable water.

6 July 2015



Global Partnership for Oceans: World Bank fishing in troubled waters?

CSO concerns have been raised over the Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans initiative, due to the strong emphasis on promoting aquaculture and the push for privatisation of access to fish resources.

31 March 2014 | Guest analysis



World Bank’s thirst for hydropower

The World Bank and IFC continue push for controversial hydropower, with projects in Guatemala, Democratic Republic of Congo, East Africa, Niger, Pakistan and Macedonia. The Bank warned on long term viability of hydropower, as Uruguay’s state hydro company agreed insurance with the Bank.

27 February 2014