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East Timor



The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

While there is scope to improve IMF operations in all fragile states, ahead of the forthcoming publication of the IMF IEO review of IMF work in fragile states, there is one fundamental change it must make to transform its effectiveness in fragile states: wherever it is possible, it must be present. No country should be left out.

20 March 2018 | At Issue



World Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems

Guteriano Nicolau S. Neves of the La'o Hamutuk Institute in Dili argues for a critical appraisal of the World Bank's role in the reconstruction of Timor Leste.

31 January 2007 | Guest comment
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World Bank blamed over 1965 Indonesia massacres

Images from an Oscar-nominated documentary exploring the history of Indonesia’s Suharto government and the killing of an estimated 1 million Indonesians during the 1960s has been screened on the walls of the World Bank to pressure it to acknowledge its support for Suharto.

31 March 2014



World Bank admits failures in East Timor

In April the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), the Bank's arms-length evaluation body, released a critical report assessing Bank operations in East Timor from 2000 to 2010.

14 June 2011

IFI governance


World Bank pays top dollar in East Timor

In May, the World Bank was forced to defend the salaries paid to its consultants in East Timor after they were leaked to the press. The salaries, paid by the Bank and donors, ranged from $100,000 to more than $500,000 in a country where half the population live below the poverty line.

10 July 2009
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