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Ecosistemas advocates protest against Alto Maipo project before IFC building.



Alto Maipo: Harms endure due to MDBs' lack of proper due diligence

World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank's reactive independent accountability mechanisms cannot address harms caused by lack of proper due diligence in Alto Maipo.

9 December 2021 | Guest comment



As World Bank pauses Doing Business Report, pressure mounts for it to be permanently scrapped

Civil society, trade unions and academics call for permanent end of Doing Business Report as World Bank suspends its publication due to data irregularities.

6 October 2020



Uprising and discontent: Global protests erupt against IMF-backed policies

From Latin America to North Africa and the Middle East, governments experience backlash against IMF loan programmes and policy recommendations.

12 December 2019

IFI governance


Annual Meetings wrap-up: Bretton Woods Institutions continue sleepwalking, as economic uncertainty and social tensions intensify

Seventy-five years after their founding, the World Bank and IMF held their Annual Meetings amidst heightened fears of another global financial crisis.

29 October 2019
Sunflowers. Photo: Boris Rumenov Balabanov / World Bank



The wrongdoings of the Doing Business Rankings and the corporate take-over of agriculture

Civil society urges the World Bank to scrap DBR and EBA, claiming the latter harms small-scale farmers by putting corporate interests first.

14 March 2018 | Guest analysis



The IMF, Gender Equality and Labour

BWP briefing explores IMF's labour market policies in the context of women in the informal economy and suggests they will not contribute to decreasing inequalities.

2 October 2017 | Briefings



Clean Technology Fund (CTF)

A revised Clean Technology Fund (CTF) pipeline management and cancellation policy has been approved. A document outlining further details on the proposed “CTF 2.0” will be discussed. Approval for reallocation of funds for a Morocco project was challenged by Germany and the decision postponed.

30 November 2016



Climate Investment Funds Monitor 14

New edition of the Bretton Woods Project's biannual Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) Monitor, including an update on the Green Climate Fund, published to coincide with the World Bank-hosted CIFs trust fund committee meetings.

30 November 2016
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Sexual orientation & gender identity – considering risk mitigation within World Bank programming

This Civil Society Policy Forum Session was co-sponsored by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce,…

18 April 2019 | Minutes



CAO opens case in Chile on World Bank project Alto Maipo

In March CAO found a complaint on behalf of communities affected by IFC’s investment in the Alto Maipo hydroelectric project in Chile eligible for further assessment.

3 July 2017
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