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IFI governance


Spring Meetings 2022 Preamble: War in Ukraine risks deepening divergent recovery as World Bank and IMF prepare for Spring Meetings

War in Ukraine will have significant spillover effects as Global South continues to carry the burden of vaccine inequity. Debt, austerity and evolving food crisis key talking points of Meetings while unequal recovery, gender, RST and surcharges key issues at CSPF.

14 April 2022



An IMF bailout for Lebanon can make things worse

Amidst multiple financial and economic crises, a classic IMF intervention in Lebanon could exacerbate inequalities and social tensions.

6 October 2020 | Guest comment
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IFI governance


Covid-19 recovery: from government response to private sector-led sustainable growth

Notes from the Civil Society Policy Forum session on 29 September on fiscal measures to promote sustainable growth during the longer-term recovery phase.

29 September 2021 | Minutes



Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: Shifting the IFI Narrative to Progressive Gender-just Taxation

Notes from the Civil Society Policy Forum session on 12 April on the changing international tax landscape from a feminist perspective and challenging IFIs’ role in shaping it at the World Bank and IMF's 2019 Spring Meetings.

16 April 2019 | Minutes



World Bank cancels Bisri dam project in Lebanon after years of community resistance

Environmental groups and activists claim victory after years of campaigning.

10 December 2020



The IMF and World Bank policies and the Arab world’s transition economies

Notes from the Civil Society Policy Forum Session at the 2017 World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings on IMF and World Bank programmes in the MENA Region.

20 April 2017 | Minutes



The Syrian migration crisis

Notes from a meeting at the IMF/World Bank CSO Forum at the 2016 Spring meetings discussion the socio-economic impacts of the Syrian crisis, the outgoing flow of migration and the World Bank’s model on how to tackle these issues following its new report.

16 April 2016 | Minutes
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