New deal allows for ICSID claims on fossil fuel investments until 2033

Loophole in renegotiated Energy Charter Treaty could see companies sue countries for losses related to fossil fuel projects until 2033.

4 October 2022

Social services


Leveraging Private Sector Engagement in Health: Maximizing or Obstructing Progress towards Universal Health Coverage?

Notes from CSPF on 18 October on the growing trend of directing public finance to support business in healthcare.

1 November 2019 | Minutes



Building a feminist recovery for all: Gender transformative policies are more urgent than ever

Notes from the Civil Society Policy Forum session on 1 October.

1 October 2020



IFC investment in Stora Enso: the need for a responsible IFC tax policy

The International Finance Corporation praises the pulp and paper company Stora Enso as an industry leader in environmental and social standards, but questions about Stora Enso’s Dutch tax arrangement remain unresolved.

31 January 2017 | Guest analysis
Graffiti remembrance of Berta Cáceres in London

Private Sector


IFC investments through financial intermediaries linked to human rights abuses in Honduras, again

A new complaint was lodged with the CAO regarding an IFC financial intermediary investment in Honduras, while another financial intermediary case, previously linked to the IFC, escalate into violence.

5 April 2016



World Bank safeguards review: “human rights-free zone”

A UN special rapporteur, CSOs and donor countries have critiqued the lack of human rights in the World Bank's draft new environmental and social framework, as the consultation process has continued to be fraught with difficulty.

10 February 2016



Climate Investment Funds Monitor 12

New edition of the Bretton Woods Project's biannual Climate Investment Fund (CIFs) Monitor, published to coincide with the World Bank-hosted CIFs committee meetings.

4 November 2015



Climate Investment Funds Monitor 11

New edition of the Bretton Woods Project's biannual Climate Investment Fund (CIFs) Monitor, published to coincide with the World-Bank hosted CIFs committee meetings.

6 May 2015



Final IDA 17 numbers shrink under scrutiny

The release of the final IDA paper in April confirmed that IDA 17 represents a 7.7 per cent decline in IDA resources. The replenishment saw a loan of $1 billion from China and less generous lending terms for IDA borrowers.

8 May 2014



World Bank and agriculture: Cultivating controversy?

The World Bank’s push for ‘climate-smart agriculture’, including a new joint initiative, was criticised by CSOs. An Inspection Panel case on forced labour in Uzbekistan cotton fields was postponed for up to 12 months.

27 February 2014



Dutch conference on the future of the Bank

A conference hosted by the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs and the World Bank July 12-13 in Amsterdam will bring together officials and researchers to discuss "the challenges faced by the Bank in delivering its long-term strategic priorities".

17 June 2008



Video of resistance to World Bank

The World Bank Campaign Europe in conjunction with the Indian Permanent Peoples' Tribunal held a public hearing on the World Bank in October.

1 February 2008