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6 October 2016 | Minutes

Managing global financial risks in uncertain times

Notes from a side event at the IMF/World Bank 2016 annual meetings discussing how financial globalisation can allow crises to spread far more quickly and widely than ever before.



9 February 2016 | Guest comment

A critical juncture for forests: Will the World Bank rise to meet the global challenge?

World Bank is called to take a leadership role in reducing deforestation and promote community forest management, including through its new Forest Action Plan.



7 April 2017

Indonesian CSOs demand World Bank stop funding infrastructure funds

Indonesian organisations have demanded that the World Bank stops funding harmful infrastructure funds, highlighting impacts on the environment and indigenous communities.

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25 September 2015 | Inside the institutions

World Bank global practices and cross-cutting solution areas

This Inside the Institutions looks at the World Bank's new global practices and cross-cutting solutions areas that were established to improve how staff share knowledge internally and externally.



27 September 2017

Will World Bank Global Gender-Based Violence Task Force recommendations have a discernible impact?

Global Gender-Based Violence Task Force releases report with recommendations for World Bank, CSOs concerned over its limited mandate while questions remain whether the recommendations will have a discernible impact on the Bank’s approach to GBV.



16 April 2015 | Minutes

Causes and consequences of income inequality: A global perspective

Notes from a meeting on income inequality during the World Bank spring meetings.

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31 March 2015 | Guest comment

How will the Global Financing Facility deliver for sexual and reproductive health and rights?

The Global Financing Facility, hosted by the World Bank, aims to scale up support for sexual and reproductive health, however, concerns remain that funds may be transferred from existing programmes.



4 October 2017 | At Issue

De-risking or risk shifting: The World Bank's proposed strategy to bridge the 'infrastructure gap'

This briefing analyses the implications of the strategy proposed by the World Bank for infrastructure financing. It details the type of policies and institutions required to achieve sustainable development.

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11 October 2017 | Minutes

The challenges of financing infrastructure in developing countries through PPPs: A focus on contracts and laws

Notes from the 2017 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings session on financing infrastruure in Latin America through PPPs. This session aims to discuss the main challenges pose by the widespread promotion of PPPs and its impacts in particular Latin American cases.

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17 October 2017

G24 communiqué analysis: “managing the impact of developments in the global economy”

BWP analysis of the G24 communiqué, issued on 12 October, from the 2017 World Bank-IMF annual meetings, Washington DC.



5 April 2016 | At Issue

China goes global with development banks

This briefing examines the trajectory of China's evolving leadership in international development finance, including the impact of it's massive increase in development finance for developing countries.


15 September 1998

Philippines meeting to assess alternatives to globalisation

IBON Foundation Inc. and BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance) are organising a conference from 8-11th November to discuss alternative strategies and paradigms to neo-liberal globalisation.