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2 July 2013 | Guest comment

Year 2 of the Tunisian revolution: Private profit vs public interest

In October 2012, the Tunisian government submitted a draft bill to the Constituent Assembly to shape a legal and institutional framework favourable to public-private partnerships (PPP).



13 February 2013

IEG finds declining impact at Bank, IFC

An annual Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) report on the Results and performance of the World Bank Group 2012 showed declining effectiveness at the Bank Group, with its worst ratings in the areas where its lending is increasing the fastest or it is prioritising work, such as infrastructure and public-private partnerships (PPPs).



7 February 2012

New World Bank infrastructure strategy

A World Bank infrastructure strategy update, developed because of a G20 push for more infrastructure investment, reaffirms the Bank's commitment to large-scale projects and scaled up private finance through public-private partnerships (PPPs, see Update 77), despite questions about bloated costs and development impact.



7 April 2020 | Guest analysis

World Bank and IMF response to debt crisis undermines women’s rights

25 years after Beijing Declaration, austerity and privatisation still modus operandi of Bretton Woods Institutions at the cost of women's rights.

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16 April 2019

Spring Meetings wrap-up 2019: what crisis of multilateralism?

As the world ponders the fate of a beleaguered multilateralism on the 75th anniversary of the Bank and Fund, both fail to act on essential governance reforms and opt to maintain the unjust privilege of the Global North.



17 April 2019 | Minutes

Sustainable Infrastructure: Aligning with Rights and the SDGs

Notes from the Civil Society Policy Forum event on 10 April, which looked at sustainable infrastructure from fiscal, rights and climate lenses.

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11 October 2019

2019 Annual Meetings Preamble

As the Bretton Woods Institutions reach 75, much-needed critical reflection is still missing.

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1 November 2019 | Minutes

Leveraging Private Sector Engagement in Health: Maximizing or Obstructing Progress towards Universal Health Coverage?

Notes from CSPF on 18 October on the growing trend of directing public finance to support business in healthcare.



15 November 2019 | Minutes

Advancing a feminist approach to women's economic inequality

Notes from the Civil Society Policy Forum panel event on 16 October on women's economic inequality and macroeconomic policy.



12 December 2019

IMF and World Bank complicit in ‘austerity as new normal’, despite availability of alternatives

UN organisations build consensus on need to expand fiscal space, as IMF and World Bank continue to push austerity.



22 January 2020 | Resource

Recommended resources on the World Bank and IMF 2019

The Bretton Woods Project's selection of the best books, reports and other resources on the World Bank and IMF from 2019.

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15 April 2020

Spring Meetings amid Covid-19 crisis: Will this change everything?

World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings take place amid a global health emergency which experts estimate could result in millions of deaths.