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14 June 2011

Conflict of interest? World Bank's role in global climate fund causes outcry

As civil society groups and developing countries continue to warn against World Bank influence in the design and management of the new Green Climate Fund (GCF), further criticism is emerging of existing Bank climate initiatives.

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13 September 2011

Big infrastructure, small participation

The World Bank, in conjunction with the G20, is prioritising massive, cross-border infrastructure with private sector involvement, but has failed to involve any local communities.



26 September 2011 | Minutes

Seminar - Gender and Infrastructure: Exploring the Nexus

Notes of meeting, Washington DC, September 23



18 November 2011

Little currency for global money?

While the G20 postponed decisions on issuing new special drawing rights (SDRs), the IMF-managed international reserve asset, the IMF completed its surveillance review and a new Fund report tackled the thorny issue of global imbalances.

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7 February 2012

New World Bank infrastructure strategy

A World Bank infrastructure strategy update, developed because of a G20 push for more infrastructure investment, reaffirms the Bank's commitment to large-scale projects and scaled up private finance through public-private partnerships (PPPs, see Update 77), despite questions about bloated costs and development impact.



20 April 2012 | Minutes

Regulating Global Capital Flows for Development

Seminar at the Brookings Institution on capital flows regulations - 19 April



23 April 2012 | Minutes

A Global Shared Societies Agenda

Minutes meeting for A Global Shared Societies Agenda

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10 October 2012 | Minutes

Making global governance accountable: civil society experiences with 13 Institutions

This session discussed the conclusions reached on the global governance role of civil society by the Civil Society and Accountable Global Governance project.



31 March 2014 | Guest analysis

Global Partnership for Oceans: World Bank fishing in troubled waters?

CSO concerns have been raised over the Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans initiative, due to the strong emphasis on promoting aquaculture and the push for privatisation of access to fish resources.

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11 October 2012 | Minutes

Global financial regulations and their Impact on major campaigns

This event was a collegial information-sharing and strategy session to explore the linkages between financial regulations and grass roots campaigns.



11 October 2012 | Minutes

Halting the global land rush: protecting land rights and promoting food security

This event discussed how to invest in agriculture in a responsible way, including research on the scale of the global rush for land, and explored potential solutions to the problem, including the role that the World Bank can and must play.

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13 October 2012 | Minutes

Think tanks: promoting local solutions, influencing global thinking

This session brought together representatives of three leading policy research organizations from Bangladesh, Tanzania and Ecuador, to share their experiences and analysis of the potential of think tanks to promote local solutions and influence global thinking.