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19 April 2013 | Minutes

An update and briefing on the global agriculture and food security program (GAFSP)

World Bank briefing on the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) with a particular focus on recent private sector window projects.

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22 April 2013 | Minutes

From the Arab revolutions to global austerity trends

This session examined issues thrown up by the Arab revolutions, including the fiscal, monetary, tax and investment policies being considered by governments facilitating, or hindering countries in the Arab and other regions in building an inclusive economy and supporting socioeconomic recovery, the impact on public expenditure for the strengthening of education, health, and other social sectors as well as the management of chronic and high unemployment and high food and fuel prices.



26 June 2013

MIGA approves new facility for fragile states

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency announced in mid April the creation of a new Conflict-Affected and Fragile Economies Facility (CAFEF).

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10 March 2014 | Report

The future of global economic governance and the IMF

In December 2013, the German Development Institute, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Bretton Woods Project, in collaboration with the G-24, hosted a high-level workshop in Berlin to foster an open exchange on the profound changes in the global economy and the implications for global economic governance and its constituent institutions and members.



4 October 2017 | At Issue

De-risking or risk shifting: The World Bank's proposed strategy to bridge the 'infrastructure gap'

This briefing analyses the implications of the strategy proposed by the World Bank for infrastructure financing. It details the type of policies and institutions required to achieve sustainable development.



27 September 2017

Will World Bank Global Gender-Based Violence Task Force recommendations have a discernible impact?

Global Gender-Based Violence Task Force releases report with recommendations for World Bank, CSOs concerned over its limited mandate while questions remain whether the recommendations will have a discernible impact on the Bank’s approach to GBV.

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11 October 2017 | Minutes

The challenges of financing infrastructure in developing countries through PPPs: A focus on contracts and laws

Notes from the 2017 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings session on financing infrastruure in Latin America through PPPs. This session aims to discuss the main challenges pose by the widespread promotion of PPPs and its impacts in particular Latin American cases.

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23 May 2011 | Press release

More than 100 global campaigners call for fair appointment of IMF managing director

With the resignation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a global coalition of campaigners has called for an open and merit-based process to elect the next IMF head.

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17 October 2017

G24 communiqué analysis: “managing the impact of developments in the global economy”

BWP analysis of the G24 communiqué, issued on 12 October, from the 2017 World Bank-IMF annual meetings, Washington DC.



25 July 2018 | At Issue

The World Bank and the globalisation of housing finance

In prioritising capital market expansion, the needs of the lowest income groups are not being effectively addressed through World Bank interventions.

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5 October 2018

Annual Meetings Preamble: 10 years after crisis, World Bank and IMF fight for relevance amidst mounting global economic pressure

BWIs' approach questioned amidst lingering crisis of multilateralism.



6 December 2018 | Guest comment

World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings marred by clampdown on People’s Global Conference

Clampdown on civil society leaves stain on this year’s Annual Meetings, as global civic space is increasingly under threat