Pro-poor or anti-poor? The World Bank and IMF’s approach to social protection

Stephen Kidd critiques Bretton Woods Institutions' approach to targeted social protection systems, arguing the poor lose out the most.

28 March 2018 | Briefings



The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

While there is scope to improve IMF operations in all fragile states, ahead of the forthcoming publication of the IMF IEO review of IMF work in fragile states, there is one fundamental change it must make to transform its effectiveness in fragile states: wherever it is possible, it must be present. No country should be left out.

20 March 2018 | At Issue
Sunflowers. Photo: Boris Rumenov Balabanov / World Bank



The wrongdoings of the Doing Business Rankings and the corporate take-over of agriculture

Civil society urges the World Bank to scrap DBR and EBA, claiming the latter harms small-scale farmers by putting corporate interests first.

14 March 2018 | Guest analysis



Tax Platform hosts tax and SDGs conference - hold the SDGs

Civil society finds lack of progressivity at first tax and development conference hosted by Tax Platform, as governments are left out of political negotiations and hopes of G77 for global tax body appear to fizzle out.

29 March 2018



The impacts of IMF-backed austerity on women’s rights in Brazil

The IMF and World Bank-endorsed 20 year spending freeze in Brazil disproportionately impacts women and other marginalised groups, despite less harmful alternatives being available

29 March 2018 | Guest analysis



World Bank report on fiscal adjustment in Brazil: questionable analysis; unfair policies

The World Bank’s report on public spending in Brazil raises serious questions about the methodology used and relevance of the report’s focus on fiscal consolidation in light of its own admission that the deterioration of Brazil’s fiscal situation is due principally to the recession.

27 March 2018 | At Issue



Miriam Brett joins BWP as International Development Finance Project Manager

Miriam Brett will manage BWP's work on areas relating to international development finance, with a focus on macroeconomic scrutiny of the IMF

28 March 2018 | Project news



#MeToo arrives at World Bank as it publishes Gender-Based Violence Action Plan

World Bank publishes GBV Action Plan for developing-country projects, while internal sexual harassment cases from 1980s are brought to World Bank Ombudsman.

27 March 2018



AIMM: Will IFC hit rights-based development target?

CSOs call on IFC to ensure new AIMM development impact framework includes human rights-based methodology and applies to entire portfolio.

27 March 2018

Social services


CSOs urge IFC to divest from for-profit school chain

CSOs urge investors to divest from private school provider Bridge International Academies; IFC remains investor, despite WDR’s concerns with private education.

27 March 2018



IEG critical of World Bank’s progress on shared prosperity goal

IEG report casts doubt on Bank’s progress on its own shared prosperity goal as civil society raises concerns about Bank's approach to inclusive growth

25 March 2018



Tunisians take to the streets over IMF-imposed austerity

Despite claiming to no longer support austerity, the IMF has imposed damaging cutbacks on the people of Tunisia as part of its loan conditionality, leading to widespread discontent on Tunisian streets.

25 March 2018 | Briefings