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Great Expectations a year on: IMF moving the needle on inequality but not yet the gear

One year after Oxfam study, IMF making progress on inequality agenda but still needs a fundamental shift

28 September 2018 | Guest analysis
Participants at a recent Fight Inequality Alliance event.



Fight Inequality Alliance prepares for Annual Meetings in Bali

Fight Inequality Alliance meets in Brazil to plan action against current shocking levels of inequality and prepare for World Bank and IMF October Annual meetings in Bali, Indonesia.

27 July 2018 | Event



World Bank report on fiscal adjustment in Brazil: questionable analysis; unfair policies

The World Bank’s report on public spending in Brazil raises serious questions about the methodology used and relevance of the report’s focus on fiscal consolidation in light of its own admission that the deterioration of Brazil’s fiscal situation is due principally to the recession.

27 March 2018 | At Issue



The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

While there is scope to improve IMF operations in all fragile states, ahead of the forthcoming publication of the IMF IEO review of IMF work in fragile states, there is one fundamental change it must make to transform its effectiveness in fragile states: wherever it is possible, it must be present. No country should be left out.

20 March 2018 | At Issue

IFI governance


Bank and Fun(d)speak of the year 2017

Every year the Bretton Woods Project highlights some of the most farcical remarks of Fund and World Bank staff.

7 December 2017 | Humour

IFI governance


Annual Meetings wrap-up: Kim turns to bankrupt ideas, while IMF tries to undo inequality it doesn't admit it helped cause

BWP's analysis of this year's IMF and World Bank annual meetings; hopeful growth forecasts tampered by medium-term concerns, with US anti-multilateralism finally hitting Bank and Fund.

18 October 2017



IMF and World Bank’s Influence on Economic Policy Making in Developing Countries

Notes from a meeting at the IMF/World Bank CSO Forum at the 2016 Spring meetings, evaluating how well the World Bank and IMF have done on respecting the country ownership principle ten years after its international acceptance.

16 April 2016 | Minutes

IFI governance


BRICS without mortar

On the sidelines of this week's G20 summit, BRICS nations are expected to reveal details of how their proposed $100 billion alternative to the IMF will operate.

5 September 2013



World Bank says "stars are aligned" for large infrastructure

The World Bank, in conjunction with the G20, is reinvigorating its infrastructure focus, paying particular attention to leveraging resources from the private sector and investing in fragile and conflict affected states. It announced a return to big hydropower projects, despite continued concerns about projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala and Uganda.

26 June 2013

IFI governance


Memorandum to the International Development Committee

In written evidence submitted to the UK parliament's International Development Committee, we argue that further reform of the World Bank is needed.

26 June 2013 | Briefing